West Desert

Historical Silver Production

East of the West Desert deposit, silver-rich galena with minor sphalerite and pyrite has been found in steeply dipping, structurally controlled replacement zones within the Ordovician carbonates. One of these was historically exploited by the adjacent Utah and Galena mines. A total of about 4,875 metres of interconnected workings on six levels were accessed via two shafts. Minor production of similar mineralization from parallel structures was derived from the Emma mine and to a much lesser extent from a number of other small excavations. The total production from the Fish Springs district between 1890 and 1953, the bulk of which was derived from the Utah, Galena and Emma mines, is recorded at 17,292,796 pounds of lead, 2,800 pounds of zinc, 5,366 pounds of copper, 508 ounces of gold and 2,658,220 ounces of silver from 20,303 tons of ore.